GRPC bindings for protobuf-net and grpc-dotnet

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What is it?

ProtoBuf DSL (proto2 / proto3) and descriptor tools for protobuf-net

It use to create .proto file for your service


Install protobuf-net.Reflection on your project

How use it?

After install change your service and add these lines:

var generator = new SchemaGenerator
    ProtoSyntax = ProtoSyntax.Proto3

var schema = generator.GetSchema<ICalculator>(); // there is also a non-generic overload that takes Type

using (var writer = new System.IO.StreamWriter("services.proto"))
    await writer.WriteAsync(schema);

Now build your project. Your .proto file is exist on your bin/Debug or bin/Realase

Output example:

syntax = "proto3";
package Hyper;

message MultiplyRequest {
   int32 X = 1;
   int32 Y = 2;
message MultiplyResult {
   int32 Result = 1;
service Calculator {
   rpc Multiply (MultiplyRequest) returns (MultiplyResult);